Welcome To Makeup Millennials!

Welcome To Makeup Millennials

Welcome To Makeup Millennials

Hi!  My name is Jen, and I’m the founder of the Raging Rouge Beauty Blog.  After reading recent news about publishers terminating their internship programs, I was disturbed.  In an extremely tight job market, the Millennial generation is left in an awkward position where on-the-job experience is difficult to find.  Worse yet, the many bright young minds who manage to land coveted internships are generally unpaid and assigned tasks like fetching coffee and dry-cleaning.  In response to this, I have decided to launch Makeup Millennials, The Beauty Destination for Generation Y!  This beauty review site is written entirely by women in the Millennial Generation, with locations all over the world.  They are paid freelancers, and are treated as professionals.  I will be acting strictly as editor, and the opinions are entirely their own.

I personally think their lives, and mine, will be richer for the experience.  -Jen

Mac Matte Lipstick In Kinda Sexy

Kinda Sexy Swatch, MAC Lipstick, Makeup Millennials, makeup review, makeup swatch, makeup generation y

MAC Kinda Sexy Swatch, Makeup Millennials

By Justine, Philippines
Last November, a generous friend of mine asked me to choose between Russian Red and Kinda Sexy as a gift. I have always been in search for that perfect nude or neutral lip color, so I leaped at the chance to own MAC’s Kinda Sexy.

Kinda Sexy is a matte nude lipstick by MAC with a warm pinkish beige hue. It looks darker in the tube, and lighter once applied.  Personally, I think the name suits the shade, because Kinda Sexy is exactly how it makes you feel.  This lipstick looks and feels classic and expensive, and is perfect with an A-line skirt and some pearls or a bodycon dress and oversized sunglasses.

Kinda Sexy Swatch, MAC Lipstick, Makeup Millennials, makeup review, makeup swatch, makeup generation y

Kinda Sexy Swatch, MAC Lipstick Makeup Millennials

What I love about this lipstick is its versatility.  Kinda Sexy can be dressed up or down, worn as part of a natural everyday look or paired with a dark smoky eye make-up for a glamorous night out.  The matte formula is very opaque, and completely covers my naturally dark lip color.  I’ve worn glossy and shiny nudes before and they can’t cover the dark pigmentation around my lips.  Kinda Sexy is like a creamy lip paint that is completely opaque and gives that vibrant pop of color.

One bit of advice?  Take great care of your lips.  If they are chapped or cracked, this lipstick will definitely bring out those dry lines.

Retail price is $16.  Kinda Sexy can be purchased at MACCosmetics.com, or fine retailers such as Nordstrom, Saks, and Bloomingdales.